Summer 2020 Job Openings

We know it is getting cold outside and that the snow is beginning to fall but the Summer of 2020 will be here before you know it! Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da is in search of three enthusiastic and outgoing leaders to join our Support Staff for next summer. Qualified candidates are encouraged to send their resumes and cover letters to

Available Positions

Assistant Cook / Baker
The Assistant Cook is an important leader of the kitchen staff. They assist in cooking, serving and putting away food under the Head Cook’s direction. The Assistant Cook’s main responsibilities are baking and taking care of all salads and veggies. When the Head Cook is off, the Assistant Cook takes over the Cook’s duties. For more information on the position, please see the Assistant Cook Job Description.

Canoe Trip Leader
A Canoe Trip Leader leads 2 to 6 day canoe trips with small groups of campers and their counsellor. While on trip, their responsibilities include route planning, meal planning and prep, navigation, and safety. Canoe Trip Leaders work closely with Camp Staff while on trip to educate campers on basic camping skills, promote independence, self-reliance, and respect for each other and the environment. For more information on the position, please see the Canoe Trip Leader Job Description.

Working in the background to ensure the camp continues to run smoothly, Maintenance staff are responsible for the keeping camp facilities clean, maintaining the water system, driving boats, and food delivery. In addition, our Maintenance workers work hard to make repairs and improvements to our facilities so that we may continue to enjoy camp on beautiful Birch Island. For more information on the position, please see the Maintenance Job Description.

Without any power on the island, Dishwashers are vital to the set-up, serving, and clean-up of every camp meal. Dishwashers work as a team of six and are responsible for keeping the kitchen clean while assisting the cooking staff whenever required. Dishwashers are supervised by the Kitchen Assistant, and are responsible to the Cook, the Assistant Director and Director. We have 1-month or 2-month positions available. For more information on the position, please see the Dishwasher Job Description.

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