COVID-19 Communication - Summer 2022 - updated on October 25th, 2021

All-Girls Camp


Why an All Girls Camp?

“Such camps not only offer positive role models of the
same gender, but also reinforce the best parts of being a girl.”

– Dr. Christopher Thurber, Clinical Psychologist

Mi-A-Kon-Da believes that single gender camps, both female and male, contribute greatly to the development and independence of campers. Some of the advantages of attending a single gender camp include: being a part of a supportive and inclusive environment, building confidence and self-esteem and having the opportunity to truly be yourself.

As an all-girls camp, Mi-A-Kon-Da specifically focuses on creating an environment that explores concerns and triumphs that are sensitive to women in a healthy and positive way. Most importantly, Mi-A-Kon-Da prides itself on have a variety of unique and inspirational role models from all walks of life that encourage and support one another during their time on the island.

Our close-knit staff and campers form wonderful bonds over the course of the weeks, months and summers they spend together, with many campers describing their camp friends as “sisters.” At Mi-A-Kon-Da we work hard to break down gender-role stereotypes because we know that our girls can do everything! Our campers pitch their own tents, build their own fires, and carry their own packs. They tackle all challenges and follow the strong examples set by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff members. Mi-A-Kon-Da girls are compassionate, curious, and independent. We are proud to provide them with a safe and non-judgmental space where they can feel free to be themselves.

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