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In this video, campers and parents discuss the impact of Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da.  Included are shots of camp activities such as sailing, canoeing, archery, arts and crafts, wall climbing, rowing and fitness. Interspersed with images of the camp location and the… Continue Reading Overview

Parent Testimonials

Highlights of the Parent Testimonials video: “I think it’s fair to say that it’s the highlight of Lauren’s year. Every year this is the thing she most looks forward to… Last year when I picked her up from the… Continue Reading Parent Testimonials

Crème brûlée

A wonderful slice of camp life: Two campers describe the awesome food and kitchen staff you will cook you “anything!”– even creme brulée (but not really…!) “Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da is really cool, it’s my home away from home. You can… Continue Reading Crème brûlée

Mi-A-Kon-Da Lipdub!

Homemade video from campers in 2012, set to “Summer Girl” by Leighton Meester. Every single camper, staff and activity makes an appearance!

Take a Tour – Parents

In Part 1 of the “Tour” of Mi-A-Kon-Da, parents discuss the reason they chose Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da. “There’s no airs here… you wear what you wear, you get really dirty” –Camper Parent “It’s great, they get to let their hair… Continue Reading Take a Tour – Parents

Program Director -Part 2

In Part 2 of the “Tour” of Mi-A-Kon-Da, the program director talks about her experience at camp, and what makes Mi-A-Kon-Da so special for everyone.  We see campers as they drive up to camp on the bus and arrive on… Continue Reading Program Director -Part 2

Activities- Part 3

In Part 3 of the “Tour” of Mi-A-Kon-Da, we get an overview of the activities offered at Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da, including swimming, climbing, canoeing and arts and crafts. Included are shots of the daily camp routine, including wake-up, sing-song… Continue Reading Activities- Part 3

More Activities- Part 4

Part 4 of the “Tour” of Mi-A-Kon-Da continues the overview of activities including Windsurfing, Archery, Rock Climbing and Drama. “I first started getting interested in Drama at Mi-A-Kon-Da. We did this skit about fisherman and playing go fish… Continue Reading More Activities- Part 4

Canoe Trips (Part 5)

In Part 5 of the “Tour” of Mi-A-Kon-Da, one of the camp trip leaders discusses the Tripping Program at Mi-A-Kon-Da. We see the final camp fire and departure day as campers say goodbye to the island and each other.… Continue Reading Canoe Trips (Part 5)