CIT Program

Program Overview

The Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da Counsellor In Training (CIT) program is an intensive month-long leadership program for 16-17 year olds that aims to develop their leadership skills.

Over the course of the month, participants are given the tools, knowledge and skills to be considered for a Camp Counsellor position at Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da in the following year. Throughout this training, the program also gives them a variety of interactive, hands-on leadership experiences working with children. CITs benefit from working on key skills including problem solving, identifying camper needs, communication, and teamwork. They are challenged to work independently and as a team to develop these skills through daily leadership sessions with the guidance of their CIT Director.

In addition to soft skills focused around leadership, the CIT program also allows participants to learn hard skills throughout their experience at camp. By choosing an activity badge to work on, CITs will hone their skills at that activity to become proficient teachers and mentors to campers. If offered a position as a Camp Counsellor the following year, these skills are imperative to being able to instruct a camp activity.

Participation in this program gives CITs the opportunity to explore Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da’s summer camp program which directly benefits many children’s personal growth and social development. CITs will explore what it means to be responsible, accountable and empathetic; how to think on their feet and put the needs of a camper first. Through education sessions, hands-on practice and teamwork, CITs will challenge themselves and foster strong leadership qualities that are applicable and beneficial to both the camp setting as well as various life experiences.

CIT Leadership Program

For Girls Ages 16-17

Session 7

July 2 - July 27, 2023

$2,490 + HST

Session 8

July 30 - August 26, 2023

$2,490 + HST

CIT Program Details