Mission Statement

Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da provides a physically and emotionally safe environment that teaches girls to discover their best self.


At Mi-A-Kon-Da we believe in the educational, environmental, social, and recreational values of overnight camp. The experience of overnight camp cannot be replicated in the development of a child. Mi-A-Kon-Da provides a perfect environment for young girls to grow and develop feeling valued, confident, and capable. She learns cooperation, independence and an appreciation for natural surroundings. Each summer she acquires new skills, creates lasting memories and develops lifelong friendships. And the best part is she has a whole lot of fun in the process!

Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da's Values

At Mi-A-Kon-Da we teach a number of important values to each of our campers and staff members every day they are on Birch Island. The result is a warm and welcoming community where every member feels safe to be themselves while having an incredible summer experience.


Encourage individuals to build confidence, independence and identity.


Create an inclusive and diverse community that empowers and supports one another.


Protect nature and promote environmental stewardship.


Establish trust through acts of kindness, honesty and empathy.


Be versatile when working together to develop friendship and mentorship.


Use imagination and safe risk taking to have fun and enjoy your summer adventure.