COVID-19 Communication - Summer 2021 - updated on July 12th, 2021

Whether it is a simple paddle around our island, mastering the basics of canoeing, or learning how to solo a canoe, Mi-A-Kon-Da has an outstanding reputation for its canoeing skills program.

With over 20 cedar strip canoes, over 100 ash paddles of various sizes, and a magnificent 15-foot cedar strip canoe, Mi-A-Kon-Da provides campers of all ages with the opportunity to discover canoeing – an integral part of our camp life and traditions.

All campers are encouraged to go canoeing and gain skills that will teach them how to be comfortable with the strokes needed to stabilize, manoeuver and stern a canoe. Guided instruction from experienced staff help campers learn the essentials: forward stroke, back stroke, sweeps, draws, and advanced paddling strokes. Campers start with basic paddling skills and work towards being competent solo paddlers.