COVID-19 Communication - Summer 2021 - updated on July 12th, 2021

All of our last-year campers (15 years old on July 1) have the option to participate in our leadership training program as one of their daily activities. This program has been designed to introduce campers to the knowledge and skills required to be an effective leader within the camp environment.

During each 2 week session, our Head of Leadership hosts three workshops that focus on teaching problem solving and decision making skills in the camp setting. This program will teach campers to have more responsibility and begin their transition to Mi-A-Kon-Da’s Counsellor-in-Training (CIT) program.

Our leadership aims to teach senior campers:

  • The knowledge and skills to effectively facilitate or participate within a group or team.
  • To understand how the camp setting can provide a positive learning environment as well as a place to challenge and grow as an individual.
  • An introduction to leadership skills that will prepare them to thrive, not only in a camp setting, but also within the real world.
  • To apply problem solving and decision making skills which will enhance their ability as a leader.