COVID-19 Communication - Summer 2022 - updated on October 25th, 2021

At Mi-A-Kon-Da we believe that learning to be a strong swimmer with good first aid skills is essential for every camper. All campers participate in daily swim lessons to maximize comfort and swimming ability in the water.

Instructional courses range from learn-to-swim programs to advanced Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses. Most mornings, campers have the choice of a Polar Bear dip – a great way to start their day off! In addition to swim classes, campers have two daily free swim times where they can cool off with their friends.

Our swimming area is located in a quiet cove that has a natural beach front with a soft sandy bottom. The 25-metre swim area is bordered by our swim dock on three sides, and also includes a diving platform and water slide. The clear water and gradual depth make our swim area a comfortable setting for the Mi-A-Kon-Da swim program.

Our waterfront swimming program is supervised at all times by instructors and guards who are qualified through the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society programs. All swim instructors have the National Lifeguarding Service qualification and Instructors qualifications as well as Standard First Aid training.