COVID-19 Communication - Summer 2021 - updated on July 12th, 2021

Teambuilding & Evening Program


Every day at 4:30pm, counselors and 15 year-old campers in the leadership program run optional games for campers looking for extra excitement during their free time. Popular 4:30 games include Sardines, Spud and Soccer Baseball.

The creativity and enthusiasm of Mi-A-Kon-Da’s staff and campers result in fun-filled theme days and evening programs. Every evening at 7:30pm, campers play EP with their section, or as a full camp. With a little imagination, Birch Island transforms into a Hawaiian Resort or a life size game of Monopoly. Campers participate in Mi-A-Kon-Da Olympics, the Amazing Race, “Mi-A-Kon-Da Idol” and many other fun and exciting games! The campers and staff enjoy participating together in campfires, variety nights, camp wide games, and treasure hunts.

Special events and traditional programs add excitement and variety to camp life: Opening Fire, Watersports Day, Swim Around the Island, Mi-A-Kon-Da Night, Closing Fire and Banquet are all examples of team activities and events at Mi-A-Kon-Da.