COVID-19 Communication - Summer 2021 - updated on July 12th, 2021

Linda, Parent

One of the many great things at Mi-A-Kon-Da is that each camper’s experience is unique and they can work toward achieving their own goals based on their own interests.  Another highlight we heard about was the camp food.  “Camp food is the best!”  There wasn’t one complaint about one meal, something I wish I could say myself, here at home:)  All of the girls truly loved their tent counsellors.  The notes that the staff wrote to the campers were heartfelt and showed an understanding of the girls’ personalities and experiences over the month.  To understand a child’s personality takes time and those notes showed that the counsellors had obviously spent quality time with their campers, really getting to know them.

…Mi-A-Kon-Da is a safe place, where children can take risks, learn to problem solve, find their own way and make their own choices about what they want to do.  They learn to more or less “figure it out” so that they can make it work for themselves and for the camp community, and they really do make it work with the incredible support of a caring and dedicated staff.  I honestly believe that the time that Lauryn has spent on Birch Island has shaped her personality in many, many positive ways and I also know for certain, that camp is Lauryn’s favourite place in the world!

-Linda, Parent 2015