Archery is a sport everyone can be successful at regardless of age, size or physical ability. It develops hand-eye coordination, dexterity and teaches the importance of focus and concentration.

Mi-A-Kon-Da’s archery program offers campers a chance to learn fundamental skills as well as more advanced techniques, incorporating fun through theme days and archery games. Campers practice under the careful supervision of trained counsellors on our range which is safely tucked away at the far end of the island.

Arts & Crafts

Summer camp would not be complete without a fun and extensive arts and crafts program! Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da offers a wide variety of arts and crafts, including tie die, macramé, beadwork, hemp, mask making, painting and much more!

Creative expression is a wonderful way for a camper to enhance her sense of self. Our staff work hard to nurture a creative environment where campers can create unique crafts and express their personality. Campers can work on larger projects as well, such as paddle making. Guest Artists also lead Special Arts and Crafts workshops, such as Knitting 101, Cartooning, or Henna.


Mi-A-Kon-Da’s biking program is a fun opportunity for Senior campers (13 +) to get some exercise, enjoy time off the island, and spend time with friends. Campers can sign up for a morning or afternoon bike trip that takes them through historic logging trails on the main land. All trips are accompanied by a staff member and CIT.

Our campers love to get out and explore the trails and getting a little dirty! Trips often take snacks and their bathing suits for a picturesque stop to enjoy a beautiful sandy beach on nearby Maple Lake. All mountain bikes and certified helmets are supplied by the camp.

Canoe Tripping

All Mi-A-Kon-Da campers are given the option to participate in a canoe trip while at camp. Tripping offers campers a unique opportunity to experience life in the outdoors and to get hands-on learning experiences in the environment that surrounds them.

Campers from 7-10 years old receive their first introduction to tripping with an overnight canoe trip on the lake. Campers 11 years and up choose their desired tripping experience, anywhere from an overnight up to a 6-day canoe trip. Mi-A-Kon-Da’s location provides convenient access to many historic canoe routes such as the Magnetawan River, and Island Lake. The Mi-A-Kon-Da Canoe Tripping program adheres to a ‘No Trace Camping’ policy.

While on trip, campers develop leadership skills and receive instruction in areas such as navigation, campsite setup, food preparation, portaging and respect for the outdoors. The lakes and rivers of the Canadian Shield provide an outdoor classroom where these future leaders practice their skills and develop memories that will last a lifetime.


Whether it is a simple paddle around our island, mastering the basics of canoeing, or learning how to solo a canoe, Mi-A-Kon-Da has an outstanding reputation for its canoeing skills program. With over 20 cedar strip canoes, over 100 ash paddles of various sizes, and a magnificent 15-foot cedar strip canoe, Mi-A-Kon-Da provides campers of all ages with the opportunity to discover canoeing – an integral part of our camp life and traditions.

All campers are encouraged to go canoeing and gain skills that will teach them how to be comfortable with the strokes needed to stabilize, maneuver and stern a canoe. Guided instruction from experienced staff help campers learn the essentials: forward stroke, back stroke, sweeps, draws, and advanced paddling strokes. Campers start with basic paddling skills and work towards being competent solo paddlers.


Climbing is a safe, fun way for campers to gain skills, strength and build confidence at their own pace, in a positive, non-competitive atmosphere. No experience is needed, as our trained instructors will teach you to climb, belay and rappel on the main 30ft wall.

Our climbing wall offers a range of climbing routes so each camper can find a challenge as they learn new skills. Campers learn a comprehensive set of climbing skills and make new friends in an informal, fun atmosphere. Campers may choose to go for the fun of climbing or to work towards their next climbing badge.


Dance Club is held after the regular daily activities and is open to all, from beginners to dancers with lots of experience. A great activity for campers and their friends, staff and campers collaborate to choreograph group dances that are fun and inclusive. Dance Club performances are always a hit at Showcase, our performance night at the end of every two-week session.


Drama is open to campers of all ages and experience, including those who have never tried drama before! Campers develop skills and build performances through improvisation, skits and games. Campers can work towards earning a Drama Badge by learning stage terms, helping manage a performance, or writing their own monologue. At the end of each 2-week session there is a performance for the whole camp to enjoy at the camp Showcase. Drama is a fun and dynamic way for girls to develop personal and social skills, grow in their self-esteem and learn more about the art form.


Fitness is open to all campers. We offer a wide selection of activities that introduce campers to a broad range of fun and accessible fitness options, and promote a healthy, active lifestyle. Each day there is a 1-hour fitness session offered by different staff member. Fitness sessions include Zumba, Yoga, Circuit Training, Jogging, Stretching, Indoor Rowing, and other activities. Campers can sign up for fitness on a daily basis in the morning.

Guitar & Music

The Mi-A-Kon-Da Music and Guitar Club is for all music enthusiasts. All campers and staff are welcome to participate at 4:30 after activities. Guitar Club meets most days each week and is open to any campers interested in learning to play popular camp songs on the guitar or for those interested in accompanying the camp songs.  The entire camp enjoys the music performance at the Showcase put on at the end of each two-week session. We encourage campers who play other instruments (recorders, ukuleles, even bagpipes!) to bring them to camp as well and join in the fun.


This popular activity provides campers with a  fun, hands-on introduction to kayaking! Experienced instructors help the participants learn entries, exits, basic paddling and support strokes. Once campers have developed basic kayak skills, they can explore destinations on the lake with ease.

As confidence is developed in the kayak, campers can enjoy a peaceful paddle around the island, play games like “Kiss the Kayak” and learn to roll their kayak. When campers are ready to learn basic rolls, they receive additional one-on-one instruction and assistance from our experienced staff.

We have a variety of kayak types which are comfortable, easy to paddle, and allow for a variety of skills to be learned. Sit-on-top kayaks are available for all campers to use during recreational boating times.


All of our last-year campers (15 years old on July 1) have the option to participate in our leadership training program as one of their daily activities. This program has been designed to teach campers the knowledge and skills required to be an effective leader at camp.

During each 2 week session, our Head of Leadership hosts three workshops that focus on teaching problem solving and decision making skills in the camp setting. This program will teach campers to have more responsibility and begin their transition to Mi-A-Kon-Da’s Counsellor-in-Training (CIT) program.

Our leadership program aims to teach senior campers:

  • The knowledge and skills to effectively facilitate or participate within a group or team
  • To understand how the camp setting can provide a positive learning environment as well as a place to challenge and grow as an individual
  • An introduction to leadership skills that will prepare them to thrive, not only in a camp setting, but also within the real world
  • To apply problem solving and decision making skills to enhance their ability as leaders

Low Ropes Course

Campers who choose the low Ropes Course explore risk taking, leadership, communication and problem-solving, with a focus on collaboration. The Ropes Course presents plenty of opportunities for self-discovery and team growth.

The low ropes elements are close to the ground so the risk is low, but still challenging to complete for all ages. Elements include suspended ladders, tightropes, tire swings, a challenge wall, and a Spider’s Web of ropes.

The Ropes Course is a fun activity that tent groups can choose to complete on a Sunday or as a special group challenge.


The Mi-A-Kon-Da Learn to Row program is a great introduction to the sport of rowing for campers interested in pursuing rowing at high school, a local club or just for fun. Rowing offers a unique recreational experience and a low impact workout in a social, outdoor setting. This sport encourages a great sense of rhythm, timing and coordination, while at the same time increasing aerobic fitness and overall strength.

While the majority of time is spent on the water, there is also dry land training on indoor rowing machines along with education about boats and equipment. Our rowing staff are knowledgeable and have experience rowing at both the high school and university level. This activity is open to campers ages 13 and up, no previous experience necessary!


Our sailing program provides instruction to campers of all levels. First time sailors learn the basic skills, and work towards learning how to skip their own boat. The training includes learning boat parts, steering, points of sail, dumping and safety. Training progresses by teaching sailing skills that increase in complexity; including knots and rigging, tacking, jibing and upwind sailing. Campers with some prior sailing experience will be introduced to more advanced techniques and instructed according to their level of experience.

Our sailboat fleet includes an RS Quest, a Hunter 15, an Opti and three Lasers.


At Mi-A-Kon-Da we believe that learning to be a strong swimmer with good first aid skills is essential for every camper. All campers participate in daily swim lessons to maximize comfort and swimming ability in the water.

Instructional courses range from learn-to-swim programs to advanced Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses. Most mornings, campers have the choice of a Polar Bear dip – a great way to start their day off! In addition to swim classes, campers have two daily free swim times where they can cool off with their friends.

Our swimming area is located in a quiet bay that has a natural beach front with a soft sandy bottom. The 25-metre swim area is bordered by our swim dock on three sides, and also includes a water slide. The clear water and gradual depth make our swim area a comfortable setting for the Mi-A-Kon-Da swim program.

Our waterfront swimming program is supervised at all times by instructors and guards who are qualified through the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society programs. All swim instructors have the National Lifeguarding Service qualification and Instructors qualifications as well as Standard First Aid training.


Windsurfing is offered to campers that are competent swimmers that have some basic sailing skills. Participants receive one-on-one instruction from staff who are out on the water with them. At this activity, beginner windsurfers to learn and practice basic skills and develop more advanced techniques of sailing. We use the latest wide-style boards,  which make learning fun and easy. Skills taught include rigging, points of sail, upwind and downwind steering, and freestyle moves.


Mi-A-Kon-Da is committed to enriching the lives of individuals through experiential education and adventure.

At Woodcraft, we teach camping, cooking and outdoor skills as well as an appreciation for nature. Campers learn a wide variety of skills including how to build fires and shelters, cooking over an open fire, compass reading, how to pitch a tent and much more. The Nature Centre is also where campers discover fun nature facts, catch bugs, and learn to identify plants, animal tracks, weather patterns and constellations. Caring for our environment is a big part of what campers learn and explore at this activity.

Terms & Conditions


  • All fees are subject to 13% HST.
  • All fees are in Canadian Dollars.
  • A $50 discount is applied to each new sibling registered for a Summer Camp Session.
We accept the following payments:
  • Cheque (Mail to Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da, 756 Mineral Springs Road, Dundas ON, L9H 5E3)
  • Interac e-Transfer (Send to; please indicate who payment is for)
  • Families with US bank accounts can send a US Cheque (Please account for exchange rate) 
  • International Campers will need to use a wire transfer service
If you have any issues with payment, please contact us at
Final Payment Due Date: May 1st (July 1st for Women’s Wellness Weekend)


Each registration must be accompanied by a deposit to secure your spot. Submitted deposits are applied towards your camp fee total. 

  • Session 1-8: $500 deposit is required
  • Stepping Stones: $50 deposit is required
  • Women’s Wellness Weekend: $50 deposit is required

All camp fees and taxes must be paid in full by May 1st (July 1st for Women’s Wellness Weekend).


Camp Fees Include:

  • All food and accommodations
  • Tuck allowance for snacks and essential items
  • Use of all activity equipment 
  • All trips and excursions

Camp Fees do not include: 

  • Bus transportation fees
  • Camp merchandise
  • Any special travel arrangements
  • Medical work and prescription drugs beyond the scope of the camp healthcentre
  • Swim test fees for Bronze Cross, Medallion and Star
  • Select specialty instructor programs (Women’s Wellness Weekend) 

Cancellation Policy

If cancellation occurs for any reason before May 1st (July 1st for Women’s Wellness Weekend):

  • Session 1-8: $450 of deposit is refundable
  • Stepping Stones: $50 of deposit is refundable
  • Women’s Wellness Weekend: $50 of deposit is refundable
Cancellations made after May 1 will result in your deposit being forfeited. 


Each additional sibling will receive $50 off of their registration fee. 

Campers registered for multiple sessions will be eligible for a discount specific to the sessions they are registered for. 

For sponsorship information, please visit our Sponsorship page.