Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da Campership Fund

Since its founding in 1955, Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da has been committed to building a community and summer camp that is accessible for all girls. We believe in supporting campers that attend Mi-A-Kon-Da who may require financial support. We also believe in supporting charities that have similar goals.

Annually we partner with charities such as Amici and Kids In Camp that provide subsidies for families with low income looking to send their daughters to an all girls summer camp. Every year, approximately 5% of our campers are able to experience the magic of camp as a result of these partnerships.

In addition to working directly with organizations, Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da’s staff and alumni are also committed to participating in a number of fundraising events throughout the year such as AMICI’s Canoe Heads and AMICI’s YPC events. These events raise thousands of dollars that allow campers from low income families to attend summer camp in OCA accredited camps.

With increasing interest from alumni to help girls attend Mi-A-Kon-Da, we are looking to consolidate our subsidy efforts into a Campership Fund and providing them to families in need.

The Way It Works

Every year Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da will put $10,000 into the Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da Campership Fund to be used to sponsor campers to attend Mi-A-Kon-Da. To kick-off our Campership Fund and engage our incredible camp community, we hosted our first Art Auction & Open House in November 2019 which raised an additional $5,000+ to sponsor campers for Summer 2021! We look forward to hosting more similar events in the future. 

If anyone would like to contribute to our Campership Fund, they are welcome to contact info@miakonda.com to arrange making a donation.

Sponsoring Campers

If you are a returning or a new camper family and are looking to receive support to attend Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da, we encourage you to look at our partner organizations Amici and Kids In Camp. Before applying to either of these, please contact us first to ensure we connect with our partners.

  • Amici
    Amici has a 50/50 sponsorship program. Qualified families receive 50% coverage of their camp costs from Amici and the remaining 50% is covered by the Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da Campership Fund. Additional costs such as bus fee, tuck expenses and equipment required for camp (e.g. sleeping bag, PFDs, clothing, etc.) is the responsibility of the camper family.

  • Kids In Camp
    Kids In Camp has a scholarship approach. Funds are divided among qualified applicants on a per week basis. The Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da Campership Fund will match this sponsorship. The remaining camp fees are the responsibility of the camper family. 

If you do not meet the requirements of Amici or Kids In Camp, we may still be able to help! The Campership Fund is intended to provide a small amount of financial aid to camper families in need and who do not qualify for our partner sponsorships.

Please contact us at info@miakonda.com and we will review applications in the Spring to disperse the remainder of our Campership Fund among qualified families.